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The VA/VE6 QSL Bureau has cleaned house! Thanks to a surplus of funds, it was decided to mail out all remaining cards to the most recent address found (ISED database or – unless explicitly told not to send cards. In December, 2020, a significant effort was made to contact Alberta hams by searching out hundreds of email addresses. About three quarters of these emails received no reply, although many did reply and sent in funds.

If you recently received cards and do not want them or do not want cards in the future, please let me know at In this case, you do not need to reimburse the Bureau. Consider the cards a gift based on the funds donated by the many silent keys who had contributed over the years. If you do wish to keep receiving cards, please make sure the contact info is correct (in the ISED database and preferably at and that you have deposited a minimum balance of $5.00 with the Bureau (see the “How to Maintain Funds” page).
If I don’t hear from you and you have no funds in the database, I will no longer send you cards. Please note that your balance is indicated in the top left corner of the return address in Bureau mailings. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Jerry Spring VE6TL

VA6/VE6 QSL Bureau Manager

Nov 11, 2020

The VE6 QSL Bureau has been transferred to the care of Jerry, VE6TL.

A BIG thank you to Larry Chapple, VE6KC, Rich Roadhouse, VE6AX, Gerry Hohn, VE6LB and Paul Barnett, VA6TTX, for the many years of timely service and the painstaking care in getting cards out to Alberta hams.