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Maintaining funds in your account

This page is under construction.

If you are expecting cards, you need to have sufficient funds on hand to cover the cost of postage and supplies. We are currently working on a new database which you will be able to check online and determine your balance. For now, your balance is indicated under the return address on the mailings we send out.

If you would like to top up your account, the easiest way is to do an e-Transfer. Just log into your bank and set up a new e-Transfer payee to: You can then specify the amount you’d like to transfer. This method is the easiest and most efficient, as it avoids hidden charges like those included with PayPal. Of course, we will still accept personal checks in the mail (payable to Jerry Spring) or cash if we see each other in person.

If you are new to using electronic transfers, please click on the link below and it will explain how it works:

Also, please send a separate email informing me of your payment to: I will reply to confirm receipt of payment, even though you should receive confirmation from your bank. Thank you!